Automated network assurance


The trend of automated network assurance addresses the challenges associated with managing and maintaining large-scale networks. As organizations increasingly rely on complex network infrastructure to support their operations, ensuring network reliability, security, and efficiency becomes critical. Automated network assurance solutions enable organizations to streamline network management processes, enhance visibility, and improve operational efficiency. The ability to automate network discovery, verification, and documentation reduces manual efforts, saves time, and minimizes the risk of errors or misconfigurations.


IP Fabric offers an API-first automated network assurance platform. This platform provides comprehensive capabilities for discovering, verifying, visualizing, and documenting large-scale networks. By automating these processes, IP Fabric reduces costs and resource requirements while improving security and efficiency for organizations. The platform facilitates smooth migration and transformation projects, simplifies network planning, testing, and troubleshooting, and ensures policy compliance with a standardized view of multi-domain networks. Additionally, IP Fabric accelerates programmability, automation, and network analytics by providing accessible, accurate, and contextualized network data.


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