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Identify how your industry and consumers are changing with NextOnly’s trend analysis. One of our key solutions is market intelligence that highlights how behaviours are changing, what the most important trends in your industry are, and which trends will affect your business.

For many businesses, staying cool, contrary, and innovative in their industry is the key to thriving within it. At NextOnly, we help you take this to the next level with mapping connections between market trends, behaviour, and value. Whatever the focus, we define product trends and consumer trends to quantify what they mean for your business.

By asking what is changing, where is it happening, and why; we can predict what is next in your industry and show your business the way forward.

We research, curate & present actionable industry trends.

We help investors and entrepreneurs find exploding industry trends before they take off.

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Our approach to trends is qualitative. By tracking industry trends, analysing and interpreting consumer behaviour, NextOnly helps you understand changes in industry, markets and brands so you can target customers more effectively.

Our trend analysts look for the crucial connection between customer trends, behaviour and values, to provide context for the sectors, industries and global themes that matter to you. NextOnly is here to show you the trends that matter to your business and how you can take advantage of the opportunities they bring.

NextOnly is listening in every corner of the world. We use patterns in customer behaviour to identify new markets for our clients and provide up-to-date industry and product news as well as trend observations.

We start by identifying the trends. We can then help you quantify what they mean for your industry or customers. Clients validate the findings with NextOnly industry data and grounding them for practical use.

Backed by substantial research and analysis, NextOnly helps clients generate original ideas, develop initial concepts based on emerging trends and market developments, and sparks inspiration. We can access individual category performance and validate proof of concept and accelerate the speed to market.

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