Digital-age addiction treatment


With the rise of technology and smartphone usage, companies are leveraging mobile apps to provide clinically intensive treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. This trend is driven by the desire to make addiction treatment more accessible, convenient, and effective for individuals seeking help. The use of smartphone apps allows for personalized and evidence-based programs, combining cognitive behavioral therapy, counseling, medical oversight, and case management, all delivered through a user-friendly interface.


Affect Therapeutics delivers treatments that are purpose-built for a variety of specific substance use disorders, including alcohol, marijuana (cannabis), cocaine, crack, meth, and prescription stimulants like ADHD medications. They do not rely on derivative approaches that have shown limited effectiveness, and they do not follow a generic “department store” model of addiction treatment, where a single program is applied to treat various types of disorders. Instead, they firmly believe in tailoring each intervention to address the unique characteristics of each condition, based on scientifically-backed methodologies.


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