Haptic feedback


Haptic feedback solutions in consumer electronics highlight the industry’s recognition of the importance of enhancing user experience and interaction with devices. Haptic feedback adds a new dimension to user interfaces, providing users with tactile sensations that improve usability, intuitiveness, and immersion. As technology advances, integrating haptic touch into various devices is expected to become more prevalent


Aito specializes in designing and developing patented finger sensing and haptic feedback solutions. Their technology enables consumer electronics companies to create customized tactile feedback for laptops and other devices. Aito’s slim haptic touchpad offers precise feedback only at the point of contact, allowing for elegant design solutions that integrate haptic touch. The sensitivity and haptic feedback can be tailored to meet the specific preferences of users, providing them with a personalized experience. The technology can simulate real-world sensations, such as virtual buttons with edge effects, volume controls with a slider, spring effects during scrolling, and more.