Energy companies are concentrating their efforts on various key areas, including the development of e-Fuels and Power-to-X technology. This involves the mass production of industrial-scale facilities and advancements in the production of e-Fuels, aligning with a broader commitment to global expansion and participation in international projects. A significant aspect of these initiatives involves the utilization of hydrogen within renewable energy solutions, contributing to the broader goal of decarbonizing transportation sectors. This comprehensive approach underscores the industry’s commitment to sustainable practices and the creation of clean, renewable energy solutions for the future.


Ineratec specializes in e-Fuels and Power-to-X technology, emphasizing the trend of growing interest and investment in sustainable fuel solutions. The company’s modular chemical plants use renewable electricity and greenhouse gases like CO2 to produce e-kerosene, CO2-neutral gasoline, clean diesel, or synthetic chemicals. Funding $178 million.



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